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by Nikki Talbot

More information and samples of these books to come soon...

So far I have 3 books:

Meet the Heart Family
Music is Magic

The Heart family members are 4 brightly coloured, fun characters, a mother, father, son and daughter who live in Heartland. The introductory book, "Meet the Heart Family" is more of a package than a book and includes fun masks for the children to make. In this book, the children are also able to learn the basic colours, the face and get to know the individual characters. There are exercises for them to complete and fun vocabulary tests at the back of each book.

The element of fun is incorporated in each book with exciting stories, songs and wonderful illustrations but not to be forgotten is the high level of learning. Each book has a basic story for younger readers and a more advanced story for older readers. So far the topics covered are the body, the face, colours and nature. There is no end to the number of books to be written. Already planned are books focussing on the weather, hobbies, school things, clothes, etc.

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