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The text written for the funeral which was read out by a colleague and says all there is to say about Martin "Herbie" Bognermayr!

What can we tell you about Martin?

He was a very special person – but we all know that!

So, we’ve sat together and tried to come up with the words which best describe him!
These words and phrases say everything!
Sensitive, honest, good-natured, true, reliable, open, considerate, creative, zest for life, generous, warm, sometimes chaotic, cuddly, busy, partner, friend, son, brother, intelligent, kind, clumsy, happy, outstanding, sensible, simply wonderful to know.

At school, his nickname was Bogi. He was given the name Herbie by Nikki. At one stage, he was a huge fan of Mr Bean and sometimes he was also a little bit clumsy. He once wanted to show Nikki how to use the coffee machine and burnt his finger on the hotplate in the process of doing so. He couldn’t make any music for the following two weeks. It was exactly because of things like that he was given the name Mr Bean. In German, it was Herr Bean and the short form was Herr B. and therefore Herbie or Herb came about.

It doesn’t matter if we say Martin, Herbie or Bogi, he still had a very special influence on all of us.

Martin is simply Martin.

Herbie is simply Herbie

and Bogi is simply Bogi

And he always will be!

Six years ago, he met Nikki and they both got goose bumps while sitting next to each other in the cinema. After their first kiss, he told her that he would marry her. Their love was intensive, strong and it will never end. When Nikki came back from England in July, both of them had the same feeling of 1,000 butterflies flying around in their stomachs and so they fixed a date for their wedding. It was planned to be in Australia in March and they wanted children immediately afterwards. Martin had a very special relationship to children. He loved them more than nearly anything else and this love was also returned to him by them. When the two of them got officially engaged, after gathering his bravery together and drinking a little alcohol and smoking a few cigarettes, Herb went upstairs with Nikki’s Dad in England and asked him for his daughter’s hand in marriage; Very traditionally British. Afterwards, the two went back down to the expectant family with big smiles on their faces. His last two wishes were to marry Nikki and to be successful in his music.

From the first day, Nikki and Martin were best friends. If Nikki or others were sad, he always managed in his own special way to make them smile. He had a motto and that was „Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life“

He always had time for his family and his friends. He had an exceptional talent of always being able to make enough time for everyone and nevertheless, still have enough time left over for himself. His love for his parents, sisters and the rest of his family in Austria and England was very intensive.

His father was his friend, mentor, role-model and business partner until his death and thereafter.

He always supported his mother and helped her wherever he could; In both good times and bad times and especially after his father’s death two and half years ago.

He always had an open ear for his sisters Michi and Isa when they needed him. He was the typical strict big brother, but always there when they needed him.

But not only did Martin have role-models, he himself was one for many because of his character, strength, talent, belief and his love.

One of his oldest and favourite projects was Austronaut G, with the musician and friend Greengo who he got to know whilst doing his civil service and which promises to be very successful. Martin was also Greengo’s role-model.

He always gave so much love to others and will carry on doing so, exactly as we’ll carry on loving him. He was always very loyal and sometimes, a little bit too good to others.

When he was young a little mishap happened. When his father was busy composing Bergpredigt / Sermon of the Mount, little Martin walked into the studio to visit his father. Unfortunately, he pressed the wrong button and deleted the whole composition. The studio was brought to a standstill and the composition wiped off. But clearly, his Dad soon forgave him and Martin was able to be one of the speakers on Bergpredigt.

Each of us knew him in our own way and all of us have had our special moments with him. We all loved his unique way and wisdom.

Martin was famous for his special sense of humour!

His favourite cartoon was the Simpsons. They always made him laugh. He could never understand how someone had the idea of inventing yellow people and being successful with it. His favourite character was Homer Simpson, therefore, the Homer Simpson flowers at the funeral. He had a similar type of humour to Homer Simpson and had a collection of everything ranging from socks to car mats, he simply had everything.

One of his oldest and best friends was Walter. They spent their childhood together and spent a lot of time with their friends in Attersee to "escape" from daily life.

On 1st August 2001, a tragic accident happened. Martin went diving with three of his best friends and never came back. He died.


His death took place in his second home in Attersee which he loved as much as he loved diving itself. But he never lost any respect for diving or the water. A lot was reported in the newspapers and everyone who knows the truth, knows how wrong these reports were. None of his friends failed him. They would never have done that and never will in the future.

We pray that he has found his freedom. That he has been reunited with his father and the two of them are making music together. They’ll give us strength and power, protect us and help us to master life. We believe and hope that he didn’t have to suffer and that everyone will keep him in their fondest of memories.

In his love letters to Nikki, he wrote: “You are always in my heart!”

You will always be a part of Nikki’s heart and everyone else’s who knew you.

You’ll give us strength to fulfil your last wishes for you.

We’ll always love you and never forget you.


With love

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