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by Nikki Talbot

Here are a few of my poems to give you an idea of my work which I would soon like to have published...


I've been growing a sunflower
For a month and a day
It's given me power
And helped me to stay
On the long, straight stem
To a life that I need
When things get too much
I pretend I'm its seed.

As it moves to the sun
To reach the light
I look to the future
With sheer delight

Some day it will blossom
And hold its head high
And think "Hey, look at me,
I'm the richest sun's eye!"


Purple skies with translucent stars,
A silhouetted graveyard, an atmosphere to
Send a shiver
Make you quiver

It's a world of respect over the twisted fence,
Where life has no boundaries; No hatred, no expense

It's a world of unison, of a peace we don't yet know
it's a placid kind of garden radiating mother nature's glow

The sky at night is a beautiful sight
Each colour tells a story which is shown in heaven's glory

As the rainbow glistens, I know a loved one has listened,
Forever waiting, in their life of unrelenting.


I want to tell you a story
About a smile I met last year
It was natural and so even,
As cool as a pint of beer.

A smile which holds you captive
Is the warmest thing around
One grin and you are healed
As you can't maintain that frown

Peter smiled and the light shone through
Peter's smile was too good to be true
Peter's smile brought a ray to the day
Peter's smile said all he had to say

Peter smiled, your face had a lift
It was a talent he had, a natural gift.
Whenever I saw him, whatever his mood


An invisible handshake reaches out in the night,
To reassure his friends it will be alright

Its grip is so strong
and its warmth lifelong.
Energy seeps through its pores
To give support evermore.

To help those in need
To disperse all the greed
God's invisible handshake
Is the inner strength, from which we feed.


I only wanted my freedom
To do things for myself
I wanted to prove I was as good as you
So you'd love me for yourself

I was going to be someone
I was going to see it all
You warned me when I went away
I have no courage, I'd only fall

If only I hadn't met her
If only I hadn't got drunk
One thing led to another
And soon I was on the junk…


It's a cartoon world
Of bright colours and shapes
An obscure existence
For the human race

A crease in the material
Is a dent in the mind
A rip in the material
Reflects the pain of being unkind

Patch up your troubles
And sew up the seams
Neaten around the edges
And live your every dream


A journey through life
Takes the minority afar
Over the rainbow
To seas aqueous blue

Love is apparent, a unique lust unfolds
Where everyone shares their own loved one

Though brainwashed, it's hard
To see through this heaven
No purity is held here,
Just a devil's convention

Religious cults
that forever exist
The power of a unique satanic hero

Individuality falls
As a mass cult forms
Followers willing to die
For their leader… Why?

It's a dangerous path
For those seeking a life
Of love and bonding together

Afraid of reality
Of changes and hate,
holding onto their protective childhood.
And waiting only for their rebirth… into Waco.

All copyrights for this work belong to me!
So no copying please - unless you're paying!

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